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Climbing up into the Usambaras is like climbing up into paradise. Cool mountain air, misty dripping rainforests, a wealth of life - birds, butterflies, chameleons, reptiles and primates. Friendly locals are willing to share their culture with you.

Beaches in Tanzania


Relax on the unspoilt beaches, take long strolls on secluded beaches or immerse yourself in the turquoise water and choose your favorite water sports with snorkelling, diving, fishing, kayaking, windsurfing and sailing available all year around.

Marine activities in Tanzania


Maziwe Island Marine Reserve and the newly established Tanga Coelacanth Marine Park invite to snorkel or dive in the crystal clear water for easy viewing of an incredible array of tropical fish and catch glimpses of sea turtles or dolphins.

Safari in Tanzania


Two off-the-beaten-path National Parks - Saadani and Mkomazi offer a wide variety of wildlife, from hippos and crocodiles in the Wami River to zebras, kudus in the open plains of Mkomazi. Lions, buffaloes, elephants and much more can be spotted in a totally private safari.

Birding in Tanzania


More than 500 bird species, endemic, resident and migrating, can be found throughout the region. Great spots to watch them are Amani Nature Reserve, Usambara Mountains, Saadani National Park and Mkomazi National Park.

Cultural Experience in Tanzania


Once the meeting point of East Africa, the rich and diverse history of Tanga Region and the Swahili Coast especially, is a melting pot of African, Arabian and Indian culture. Enjoy the fragrant spices, bright colors and coastal flavours.