Tribes, Culture, Melting Pot

Cultural Experiene in Tanga, Tanzania

Different tribes are melting together in the Tanga Region. The Handeni District is home of the Maasai plain. It spreads from the foothills of the Usambara Mountains southwards. In the 1700ยดs the honey people or Wambugu, came down from Ethiopia to the Usambaras and settled here, next to the Wasambaa.
The Swahili Coast in the region stretches from the Kenyan border along the districts Mkinga, Tanga and Pangani which were important trading centres for slaves and ivory when the Sultan of Muskat and Oman moved to Zanzibar in 1832. He controlled a coastal strip stretching 16 kilometers.
Small fishing villages line the coast today and no visitor can fail to be charmed by the sailing dhows and ngalawa (canoe) that sail up and down the coast.

What to do:

  • Guided Walks - Visit the remaining historical buildings and monuments in the region on a cultural walk. In Lushoto town there are some old buildings built in the German style from the olden days. Cultural and historical walks in Tanga city and Pangani are a wonderful way to experience local life and see colonial history.
  • Crafts - Learn more about arts and crafts and visit women in villages, sewing shirts with century old sewing machines or men carving wooden products, pottery making the Usambaras.
  • Dance - Experience traditional local dances and music from the variety of ethnic groups living in the Tanga Region.

    TATONA members for a Culture Experience:
  • Tembo Kijani EcoLodge, Sange
  • The Wild Shores, Sange
  • Kijani Collection, Gongo Village
  • Fish Eagle Point, Mkadini
  • Mambo View Point, Mambo Mtae
  • Lawns Hotel, Lushoto
  • Peponi Beach Resort, Kigombe