Our Members

Most of TATONA members are actively taking part in the tourism in the area.

Member Location Region Activity Website Email Phone
Alex Rechsteiner Mwarongo Tanga alexrechsteiner@ymail.com (255)784500575
Capricorn Beach Cottages Kigombe Muheza www.capricornbeachcottages.com capricornbeachcottages@gmail.com (255)784632529
Emau Hill - Amani Forest Camp Amani Nature Reserve Muheza www.amaniforestcamp.com reservations@amaniforestcamp.com (255)788025306
Fish Eagle Point Mkadini Mkinga www.fisheaglepoint.com reservations@fisheaglepoint.com (255)687680494
Francesco Pierre Nina Tanga Tanga www.tosafaritz.com Francesco@tosafaritz.com (255)786020007
Gecko Adventure Tanzania Lushoto Lushoto http://www.gecko-adventure.com info@gecko-adventure.com (255)713525452
Jifunze Company Mwarongo Lushoto www.warrior-security.com tonysugden@warrior-security.com (255)784401293
Kasa Divers Ushongo Pangani kasadivers@gmail.com (255)786427645
Kijani Collection Gongo Village Pwani www.kijanicollection.com info@kijanicollection.com (255)786675799/(255)754299456
Kijongo Bay Beach Resort Sange Pangani www.kijongobayresort.com info@kijongobayresort.com (255)787055572/(255)787055579
Kiotanest Kiwawa Outside Tanga Region www.kiotanest.com  bskanga@gmail.com (255)787563220
Lawns Hotel Lushoto Lushoto www.lawnshotel.co.tz contact@lawnshotel.co.tz (255)759914144
Mambo View Point Ecolodge Mambo Mtae Lushoto www.mamboviewpoint.org info@mamboviewpoint.org (255)785272150 / (255)774272150
Panori Hotel Tanga Tanga www.panorihotel.com panorihotel@yahoo.com (255)754769091
Patwa's Restaurant Tanga Tanga np2108@yahoo.com (255)687598338
Peponi Beach Resort Kigombe Muheza www.peponiresort.com  info@peponiresort.com  (255)713540139 / (255)744136536
Pizzeria Restaurant & Majubas Tanga Tanga Graberh1@gmail.com (255)784971655
Rosminian House Mwambani Tanga (255)758040972
Sibylle Riedmiller Tanga Tanga www.chumbeisland.com Sibylle.e.riedmiller@gmail.com (255)784340552
Tanga Beach Resort Tanga Tanga www.tangabeachresort.com info@tangabeachresort.com (255)785171717 / (255)683750000 / (255)784350253
Tanga International Competence Center (TICC) Mwambani Tanga www.meetingpointtaanga.net info@icctan.com (255)716666617
Tanga Yacht Club Tanga Tanga www.tangayachtclub.com tyctanga@gmail.com (255)272644246
Tembo Kijani EcoLodge Sange Pangani www.tembokijani.com info@tembokijani.com (255)687027454 / (255)785117098
The Beach Crab Resort Ushongo Pangani www.thebeachcrab.com info@thebeachcrab.com (255)784543700 / (255)767543700


Hotel, Lodge, B&B

Camping possible


Beach and Activities

Ocean activities like diving and snorkeling

Mountain activities like hiking, climbing

Safari in a National Park

Cultural Activity