Marine Parks, Sandbanks, Reefs and more...

Maziwe Island for snorkeling in Pangani

With Maziwe Island Marine Reserve, located 15 nautical miles off the coast of Pangani, the Coelacanth Marine Park, just off the coast of Tanga, and many more reefs and sandbanks, Tanga Region offers many opportunities to explore the underwater world of the Indian Ocean.
Along the Tanga coast in the Coelacanth Marie Park there is a sizable population of the huge and unique Coelacanth fish that live in deep water, where the continental shelf drop off. They were only discovered in 2003, when fisherman started catching them accidentally in deep-sea nets.
Besides these, blue spotted rays, crocodile fish, leaf fish and Napoleon fish are among the common encounters; you will see soft and hard corals, sea stars and even green and olive ridley turtles can be spotted. On Maziwe Island a joint project is helping the conservation of these sea turtles and more information can be obtained in the lodges on the coast.

What to do:

  • Snorkeling - even without any prior experience, explore the colorful underwater world of the ocean first hand by going snorkeling just off the beach on one of the many reefs or go by boat to sand banks and deeper reefs
  • Scuba Diving - Lessons for beginners and guided excursions for experienced divers are offered by several lodges on the coast. Even for youngster from the age of 8 can take part in a beginner's course. The untouched reefs are an amazing sight, especially when you are diving almost all by yourself in the crystal clear waters of the ocean.
  • Marine Conservation - Protecting these marine wonders and its inhabitants is part of the vision of TATONA and its members. See turtle hatching in Ushongo and get to know more about the conservation programs in place or go snorkeling in the Coelacanth Marine Park. A map of the Coelacanth Marine Park you can find here.

  • TATONA members for the ocean:
  • The Beach Crab Resort, Ushongo
  • Kijongo Bay Beach Resort, Sange
  • Peponi Beach Resort, Kigombe
  • The Wild Shores, Sange